Samsung is using a native hot shoe for flashes (and other accessories), but it actually has the “standard” central contact of the hot shoe so it is possible to trigger non-native flashes as well, but without any automation.

Currently the only flashes supporting A-TTL are the native Samsung flashes and the NX flashes by Metz (see table below). As mentioned above you can actually trigger many third-party flashes, but you have to double check, whether the hot shoe and the flash are really compatible. Samsung cameras are known to be a bit picky with non-native lenses, especially considering the voltage used for triggering the flash. Some users reported that their camera got destroyed using an incompatible flash! Be warned about this issue and check the tech specs of camera and flash to avoid problems. It is also a good idea to search the internet for user reports.

The cameras in “DSLR style” (NX1/5/10/11/20/30) have an integrated flash with guide number 11. The other cameras don’t have internal flashes and you have to use an external flash. For the cameras with an internal flash it is not really useful to buy a flash with a guide number below 20 as the difference is quite low.

Previously Samsung’s support for several “advanced” features for flash photography was quite limited. As far as I know, wireless A-TTL is currently only supported by the NX1, NX30 and NX500.

The flashes mentioned here are not compatible with the Samsung NX mini hot shoe!

NameGuide Number
ISO 100
Horizontal / Vertical
Master / Slave
AF assist lampSize
in mm
in g
Power supplyRec. Price
in €
Samsung SEF8A8No / NoNo / NoNo50 x 22 x 35 25HotshoeKit onlyNot suited for NX5/10/11/100
Internal flash NX1/30/...11No / NoYes / NoNo-0Internal-As reference
Samsung SEF15A15No / NoNo / NoNo55 x 46 x 74802x AAA130
Metz mecablitz 15 MS-115No / NoNo / YesNo130 x 144 x 372092x AAA300Macro ring flash
Samsung SEF20A20No / YesNo / NoNo64 x 43 x 881222x AA-Discontinued
Samsung SEF220A22No / YesNo / ?No61 x 63 x 281042x AAA180
Metz mecablitz 26 AF-126No / YesNo / YesYes63 x 85 x 851152X AAA99Wide-angle diffuser
Samsung SEF42A42No / YesNo / ?No70 x 99 x 942204x AA349
Metz mecablitz 44 AF-144Yes / YesNo / YesNo73 x 130 x 1063064x AA180Wide-angle diffuser
Reflector card
Samsung SEF580A58Yes / YesYes / YesYes73 x 134 x 903464x AA550Wide-angle diffuser
Reflector card
Hgh-speed sync

In the future, I might add flashes that have been reported to work on  NX cameras, stay tuned.

  1. I cant use trigger (elinchrom) in my NX30 and NX300 sometimes it work and sometimes not, im testin 3 different triggers.

  2. Pat

    Thanks for this post. I had no idea about Metz but will order the 44 shortly. I’ll trade those 14GNs for $300 off the big Samsung.

  3. For the Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1 is it the Canon or Nikon version? I have playing around with a Yongnuo YN560 III at the moment (Nikon fit) get mixed results, no flash in Auto and no A-TTL but you can’y complain at the price! Sadly Metz are in receivership. I do get very annoyed at the poor support provided by Samsung.

    1. Matt Everglade

      There is a dedicated Samsung NX version which is compatible with the NX cameras and supports A-TTL etc. All non-NX flashes only fire the flash without any automatic adjustments.

  4. jorge

    Is there anyone aware of compatible 3rd party flashes for the samsung NX1?

    1. Matt Everglade

      All compatible flashes with A-TTL are mentioned above. All other flashes with an NX compatible hotshoe are working in manual mode only.

  5. David Akins

    I have spent many hours researching wireless speedlights with NX300. You seem to know more than anyone. What is the current thinking on a wireless transmitter and slaves. This application is real estate photography, guide number 100 or so. Many thanks in advance. I would prefer taking the cheapo route, like Yongnuo.

    1. Matt Everglade

      Hi David,
      I am not really into wireless flashing, but as far as I know the NX300 doesn’t support wireless A-TTL (automatic) flashing. Yongnuo flashes can be used, but only in full manual mode. Wireless support has been added to the newer cameras like NX30, NX500 and NX1.
      Cheers, Matt

  6. John

    I have a Samsung nx30 and I have been reading about external flash devices which are not compatible with the nx series camera. Can you advise on a compatible external flash?


    1. Matt Everglade

      Hi John,
      all the flashes mentioned above are compatible, but might not support all features, just check the table for detailed information. I don’t know of any other compatible flash so far, there are other options, but they don’t support A-TTL or anything except firing without any automatic control. A good and cheap option is the Metz mecablitz 44-AF1. I have one myself and for basic usage it is very good.

    2. Armien Allie

      Hi John

      I have bought a Samsung NX30 a few days ago and I am looking at the Samsung SEF15A and SEF20A flashes. My question is – will these 2 work on the NX30.

      Also, what about the Metz 26-af1 and the Metz aa-af1.


  7. Jeff


    How about the Metz 52 AF-1 digital Flash for the NX1? Thanks.

    1. Matt Everglade

      This flash is not compatible with the NX1, it could be used only in manual mode.

  8. Jared

    I have the NX500 and the Metz 26 AF-1. The NX500 claims to offer wireless flash control, and the flash has a slave mode that is supposed to be compatible with NX cameras, but I have not been able to figure out how to connect them. Do I need to have a “master” flash in addition to the slave? It looks like the SEF580A is the only external flash to function as master.

    1. Matt Everglade

      As far as I know, yes, you need a master, but I have never tried it myself though.

    2. Jared

      By the way, the 26 AF-1 does have an LED that functions as an AF-assist lamp, at least on the NX500.

      1. Matt Everglade

        Oh, nice one, I’ll add that to the list.

  9. Lyn

    Please I’m a bit confused on what compatible flash to buy for my nx300. I really do need a guide on what to do because I still use the little one that came with the camera

    1. Matt Everglade

      What exactly do you want to do with the flash? Motives, Environment, …?

  10. Igor

    Hi Matt!
    Thanks for this informative article.
    SEF20a is on sale very cheap on one site in my country (something like eBay ) ,can you please tell me is it compatible with NX30!?

    1. Igor

      I have 12 more hours to buy it,if you find time,please answer to my previous question.

    2. Matt Everglade

      Hi Igor, it was compatible with the NX20, don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be compatible with the NX30. But Samsung is the where you need to ask for a precise answer.
      The SEF20a has some disadvantages with bigger lenses when facing to the front – shadows can appear on the images. Keep that in mind. As a universal flash I’d prefer the Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1.

      1. Igor

        Thanks for answering my question Matt.
        It was 25 €,i bought it.
        Bounce flash works really good in my apartment (I’m beginner),
        but TTL is not working,Flash work in manual mode.
        Thansk for you time.
        Option for setting up external flash is locked in camera menu,it’s like NX30 don’t recognize flash or something similar.

        1. Igor

          My bad.Everything is working fine.It’s powerful enough for beginners.
          Front shadows are problem.
          It’s ok until around 50 mm focal length,anything more and shadows do appear.

  11. Marvel

    Very interesting. And What about a “Hotshoe Safe Sync Adapter” ?
    Is it dangerous anyway to use an old flash METZ 32 Z1 (year 1997) with the safe sync adapter on a NX 3000?

    1. Matt Everglade

      I’ve never used that adapter so I can’t comment on it, sorry.

  12. Mariana

    Hi Matt!
    I was wondering if you could help me with a problem i’m having with my flash.
    I have Samsung NX1100 and it came with the Samsung SEF8A flash. At first it worked perfectly but then it stoped.
    The problem is that whenever i’m taking a photo with the flash on, the photo looks dark, and it wont even shoot, when i take off the flash the photo looks way brighter…Also, sometimes, the flash shoots a very strong light… I thought this could be related with the settings but i’ve tried everything and it still doesn’t work… Can you help me?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Matt Everglade

      I am sorry, I don’t really have a clue. The flash might be broken or the connection disturbed. Have you tried cleaning the hot shoe and the flash connector?

  13. Nivaan

    Hi Matt

    Thank you for this post, it’s really helpful. I have a Samsung NX30. I tried using a Yongnuo YN622N-TX Wireless Flash Controller with a YN622N Wireless Flash Transceiver to fire a Nikon SB900. It didn’t work. Is there any way of me getting this combination to work? I shoot night club photography.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards

    1. Matt Everglade

      I’m sorry, I have never worked with Yongnuo flashes and controllers. Hope you find a solution…

  14. Steve Evans

    I have nx3000 I got a YN560III speed flash to work fine

  15. Nisar


    Please suggest me the right flash for my Samsung NX1000 camera. I use bigger lenses, I need to avoid shadows.


    1. Matt Everglade

      Well, that depends on the usecase. What so you plan to do with it?

  16. Tashi

    Hi Matt,

    I have a Samsung NX30. On your chart, the Metz 44AF seems to be the best. I can get a Metz 48AF but wondering if you know if the 48 is compatible with my NX30 or is it better to sell the 48 for the 44?


  17. Tashi


    The Metz 48 I can get is for Samsung/Pentax..

    1. Matt Everglade

      Samsung/Pentax is not compatible, it is for the old DSLR cameras. You need to buy one (e.g. the 44) for the NX cameras.

  18. Jason

    Your chart is wonderful. Thank you. I’m looking at a flash for my NX300 (probably ordering an NX1 since the price is right). I’m debating Metz 44 (versatility), Samsung SEF42 (still available on Amazon) or Metz 26 (which never seems to be available). Quite frankly, I don’t use flashes often but I am thinking possible fill flash and taking pics of people in dimly lit venues (poorly lit venues for prom etc.). Compactness is a plus. I realize only the Metz 44 swivels. Thanks so much.

    1. Matt Everglade

      The Metz 44 is a wonderful flash, but might be a bit large for the smaller cameras.
      The Metz 26 would be a good choice for the smaller cameras, but depends also on your neds.

  19. Pal

    I bought a Samsung SEF20A flash for my nx500 camera, but it doesn’t work with it. It works with NX300. I asked the Samsung US about it. They told me they are not compatible with each other.

    1. Matt Everglade

      Wouldn’t surprise me, because Samsung also removed support for other accesories in the past from newer cameras. Haven’t checked it myself so far, so I think you are stuck with the words from Samsung US.

  20. Heitor

    Hi, Matt. I have seen a person saying that the Metz 44 AF-1 for Pentax works with Samsung cameras, including in TTL mode. Can you confirm that? Mine is the NX300M. It’s much easier to find the Pentax version rather than the Samsung version.


    1. Matt Everglade

      Hi Heitor, Pentax flashes work with older Samung GX cameras (DSLR!), but NOT with Samsung NX (mirrorless) cameras!

      1. Heitor

        Thank you very much!

  21. Dré

    This is the quite recent Metz chart for Samsung NX types.

    I’m interested in the metz-mecablitz-44-af-2-(samsung). According the camera shop in my town it is NX compatible.

    So it was not in the compatibility list as it seems to be very new:
    [quote]A-TTL flash mode
    A-TTL remote mode*
    *Slave mode[\quote]

    So.. take care and order the rights Samsung version!!!!!

    Edit: Multi lingual manual page 15 A-TTL explained

  22. Erkan Yeyrek

    Hi Matt, I own a NX1 but somehow could not find it a TTL trigger for hi speed photography.
    If you could share a lot of information on this subject you will help me. I hope to help and thank you.

  23. Sue

    Hey Matt! Like many previous commenters, I’ve spent a while researching potential flash matches for my Samsung NX2000 but so far I’ve found a lot of “discontinued” or super expensive ($500). I’m looking for something entry-level that I can do portraiture and wedding photography (indoor/outdoor) that is mounted high enough to avoid shadows from a medium-long lens length (the little hotshoe one that came with the camera is useless with a telephoto lens, causes a dark arc at the bottom of the photo, although honestly that’s probably not a good use case anyway… 😉 ).

    I would love to have something off-camera that I could mount on a stand away from me that still syncs, but I fear this camera may be too entry level for that. At this point, I’ll be happy to find something I can bounce light with even if it only rotates up and down.

    It’s been a few months since anyone has bugged you with a new question about these flashes so I thought I’d see if you’re still out there monitoring this page. Any advice is appreciated! =)

    1. Matt Everglade

      Hi Sue,
      I am still here, but mostly everything is discontinued as Samsung has stopped producing cameras etc. Additionally Samsung has only added advanced features pretty late in 2015 or so and only for their recent cameras and high-end flashes. As the NX2000 is pretty small, it is not much fun to have a big flash mounted onto it. You might want to give the Metz mecablitz 26 AF-1 a try if available, but I haven’t used it myself so far. I think there is no native solution for external flashes for your camera.
      Cheers, Matt

  24. Jimmy

    I have SEF42A and used it with NX11 without problem. Nowadays I luckilly buy NX30, and I am dissapointed, that SEF42A doesnt “communicate” as I would expect. It flashes, but before shot the flash icon turns green, and also External Flash row in menu is Greyed out. I am guessing that it doesnt use A-TTL at all, values on flash display doesnt change when I refocusing etc.

    Does anyone have same experience? Now I dont know what to do, and I am quite surprised, as the pin visually matches with the “flash pad” on NX30.

    1. Matt Everglade

      I heard that they removed the compatibility with the old accessories at some point, but not sure about that. Maybe someone else can help with this.

    2. Hi Jimmy

      The flash works well with the NX1

  25. Hello people,

    Any thoughts regarding the capability between the Samsung NX1 with Canon speedlite 600EX-RY flash light

    1. Matt Everglade

      Can be operated in manual mode only.

  26. Sarah

    Hi Matt, I have the NX1 and the NX500 as well as a SEF580 flash, but I am unable to get the wireless sync working with either. I believe I have read the NX1 can wirelessly trigger this external flash and the internal flash can also act as a master to an external slave, but I can’t get that working either. I have only gotten the servo function to work. The internal/external/wireless flash options are greyed-out in the camera menu, unless I have the external flash attached, in which case only the external flash settings menu is accessible. Any help with this would be great. I feel like I either have some setting turned on that’s limiting my access to these menus or I am misunderstanding the functionality to the whole Samsung “wireless” flash sync system.

  27. Lukile Majakani

    Lukile Majakani

    Hi there Matt, I own an NX30 CSC and am planning to buy a Canon’s 430EX II as they seem to have a matching hot-shoe contacts. The SEF-058A is very scarce in my country (RSA), and even if I find it at some point, the price would be too much for me. On the other hand, the 430EX-II’s are plenty and also come cheaper. However, my worry is that – will these Canon flash not damage my Camera if I mount them on? I’d be fine to work with the flash in (full) MANUAL mode, as long it’s gonna be safe to mount it on my device. Pls advise.

  28. TimHH

    I suppose I’m here because I’m looking for a more powerful/flexible flash, but I’d like to sing the praises of the SEF15A. It’s small enough to fit into my smallest camera bag with an nx30, and the extra separation and power over the built in flash is great. In three years (nx11 and nx30) I’ve probably used it more than all previous flash units I’ve owned because it’s always in the bag – I never use the built in flash.

    GN15 may not sound much more than the GN11 of the built in unit, but it requires 3.5 times the light power (inverse power 4 law, like Radar) and these flashe units can be really cheap second hand – £8 in the UK with a two year warranty now from the place I got mine from.

    Anyway, back to looking for a more flexible flash for bouncing off a rear wall – probably the Metz 44.

  29. Kathy

    Any thoughts on Metz mecablitz 52 AF-1 for use with NX1? Model purchased stated by B&H as TTL compatible with Pentax/Samsung.

    1. TimHH

      That’s a flash for the old Pentax based Samsung DSLRs, it will operate only as a dumb flash on an NX camera.

    2. Matt Everglade

      Yes, that’s true. Samsung/Pentax refers to the old Samsung GX(!) DSLR system.

        1. Matt Everglade

          For full compatibility you need to buy the model for Samsung NX, NOT for Pentax/Samsung.

  30. Lesley

    I’ve just bought a second hand SEF 42A for my NX20 as I wanted to be able to take indoor shots with a longer lens without having the arc of shadow appear. However, it’s donkeys years since I used an external flash and they are now so complex I have no idea how to use it! I’ve downloaded the manual but it’s not much good in terms of practical advice. Can you point me towards a source of useful information where I can learn how to use the flash in practice please, or give me some advice yourself? Thanks.

    1. Matt Everglade

      There is no Samsung speific guide I know of. Just start with the guides for other manufacturers about lighting principles and flashes and transfer the knowledge over to Samsung. It shouldn’t be any different, just the menu settings might be named differently.

  31. Maurice Kapteijn

    I found a Samsung SEF580A. it is compatible with the NX500. I have found that other older samsung flashes are indeed not compatible with the newer versions. I have not been able to find a metz for my camera. so i have no experience with that. I can say however, that the Samsung SEF580A works guaranteed. It’s an amazing flash. And unfortunately very hard to find. I want to try and buy two more so i can also do master/slave setups. I don’t need the newest camera’s that are now around. I love the somewhat older range of Samsung camera’s. So i stick to the NX500 for now.

  32. Viesna

    Is there any flashes for a nx500, to make it a has?

    1. Maurice Kapteijn

      I have only used the SEF8A and the SEF580A. The SEF580A allows A-TTL and high speed sync shots. Together with some wireless functionality. I might have a Metz 58 AF 1 to try soon. But that’s not sure yet. However, if I can use this flash properly i will be sure to let anyone know by a comment here.

      1. Maurice Kapteijn

        Metz 58 AF 1 is only compatible with the older pentax clone camera of samsung. doesn’t work with the NX series.

  33. TGYap

    I’ve tried a few universal wireless triggers, as well as Godox triggers for Godox AD600BM, none could work. It seems the issue is that the triggers’ contact point doesn’t exactly touch the central contact. Short of buying a cheap trigger and shaving off a bit of the plastic to try to get contact, the only way I can use HSS is by attaching the SEF580 on my NX1 and using the flash to optically trigger studio flashes.

    1. TG Yap

      It has been two years since I posed the question. I’ve gained more experience in flash photography. Decided that the next step should be wirelessly triggering flashes. The last two times I tried to use optical slave triggering, it did not work out well. Somehow, wireless triggering flash now works.

      1. Krish

        Hi Matt, thanks for this detailed post. Long live NX! 🙂 Hi TG Yap – Can you please elaborate what approach you are using to trigger the flash wirelessly? I’m on the same boat and have been looking for a solution. I have already tried triggering my SEF-580A wirelessly using the pop-up flash, but the problem with this approach is it is not suitable for all occasions, such as newborn/baby photography. Also, even after setting the pop-up flash to -2 level, the intensity is too bright and affects the image negatively (harsh light). Have been looking for a simple radio trigger to use it off camera, manual mode. Please share your experience and workarounds. Thanks a lot!

  34. Daniel

    Hi Matt,

    I bought NX20 with Samsung 60 mm F2.8 macro lens a few months ago. And I ordered a Metz MS-1 ring flash to use with my NX20 recently. Can it work as a wireless ring flash? I read “wireless A-TTL is currently only supported by the NX1, NX30 and NX500” from your comments. Does that mean the Metz MS-1 ring flash won’t work on my NX20? I will appreciate your reply.

  35. Rafa

    There’s a version of Metz 44 AF-2 compatible with Samsung. It’s dificult to find but works prefect

    1. That`s right. Very nice flash – it works in off-camera mode (triggered with the built-in NX1 flash), and it even does support the HSS.

  36. Hari


    Is there any difference between SEF-580A and ED-SEF-580A?. I could see price range is completely different for both of them.


  37. chesky

    Somebody tried Godox tt600 with Samsung nx1/nx500?

    1. tgyapphoto

      TT600 definitely works with the NX1. I am using a couple of these flashes. If not mistaken, the camera doesn’t register any third party flash unit other than Metz specifically designed for Samsung. Your viewfinder/screen will not auto-brighten (normally it does that when flash is turned on).

  38. Jane Hylton

    I own the Samsung NX1 and just purchased a used SEF-580A flash for it, but without a User Manual. I searched Samsung sites, forums, etc. for a PDF manual to download for this flash, but cannot find one anywhere.

    Do you by chance have a link?

    Would anyone share theirs via PDF, PLEASE?

    Thanks, all!

  39. Hello Jane. . .

    I don’t recall having a PDF manual along with my SDF-580A flash purchase.


    CAN Samsung ED-SEF580A/US SEF580 Flash WORKS for MY SAMSUNG NX1100 Camera?

  41. Lambert Quartey

    I see Metz 44 Af2 but for Pentex not samsung NX. Did that one work.

    1. Matt Everglade


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