Other Photographers

PhillipReeve.net (English)
A good friend of mine and a good photographer, too. He is blogging about Sony Alpha cameras, (native and adapted) lenses and other general photography issues.

Eric Tastad (English)
His blog offers many good reviews/tests of camera lenses, including Samsung NX.

Discussion Boards about Samsung NX

Digital Photograpy Review (DPReview) Forums (English)
An active forum about all Samsung cameras, not only NX.

DSLR-Forum (German)
Biggest german photography forum with an active Samsung NX area.

Systemkamera Forum (German)
German forum about mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with a calm area about Samsung NX.

Blogs about Samsung NX

All about Samsung (German)
German blog about all Samsung products, with up-to-date articles about the current development of new products.

NX CSC (English)
Discontinued blog about Samsung NX, but has some good in-depth articles and reviews.