How to photograph the stars


I often get asked how to shoot a night sky / starry sky. I am not a specialist in this fields and there are better camera systems than the NX system to do astrophotography, but it’s definitely not impossible to do some kind of astrophotography. You can mainly do either star trails (capture the motion of the stars due to the rotation of the Earth) or you can simply shoot what you are seeing like in the photo below. With this article I will set the focus on the second alternative as star trails are a problem for newer NX cameras, but at the end of the article is a short round up about star trails, too.

Starry sky in Australia

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Introduction to the basic concepts of photography

There are several basic concepts of photography that are essential to know before you start shooting your own photos. Without knowing the terms and definitions you can’t get the best out of your camera. You won’t need to know them to shoot photos in a full automatic¬† mode (Samsung: “SMART”), but it is useful to understand them in case you want to use the more flexible modes like Aperture priority (A), Shutter priority (S), manual mode (M).

This introduction will introduce the terms focal length, exposure, aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and exposure value (compensation).

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