Samsung NX30 – Hands On Review


After the announcement of the NX30 I decided to skip this camera and wait for the next generation, but I read several very good reviews on the web and there was a good offer to buy it quite cheap. Therefore I decided to give it a try as the new camera had some very tempting features for me. The most relevant features for me are:

  • Better dynamic range (according to an AP review) and better high ISO performance
  • Focus peaking for manual focussing
  • Touch AF
  • Better implementation of WiFi features
  • Improved ergonomics
  • iFn Plus (enhanced customisation of button functions)
  • Responsiveness of the camera (no lock up when processing photos)

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Samsung NX Camera Settings Guide

In this guide I will give you a short overview over the most important settings you can find in the Menu of your camera. I will give practical hints how to use these settings best. You should have read the Introduction to the basic concepts of photography first as the mentioned names and concepts are required to understand this guide. You should’ve read your camera’s manual, too, as I won’t repeat what Samsung has already described for you. In brackets after the name of the setting I am providing my recommendation / my used setting.

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