NOTE: Samsung has shut down all firmware servers. I’ve most of them in a backup. You can contact me for help, but I may answer slowly.

This table gives you an overview about the available native Samsung NX-M Lens Firmware versions of each lens revision.

You can download the current firmware files by clicking the version number or on your local Samsung website. A guide on how to update your firmware can be found on Samsung’s FAQ section: Firmware upgrade guide using i-Launcher.

Product Firmware Version Changelog Last update Last check
Samsung NX-M 9-27mm F3.5-5.6 01.00 Show/Hide changelog 2021-12-07
NX-mini lens 9-27mm First Firmware
Samsung NX-M 9mm F3.5 01.11 Show/Hide changelog 2015-04-09 2021-12-07
1. Title - Firmware version v01.11
2. Applicable Model - NX mini Lens 9mm
3. Corporate Customer - open market
4. Description
This is the latest LENS firmware.
To maximize improved firmware performance, body firmware should be the latest version.

[v01.11 improved items]
- Improved auto-power-off function of power on lens jammed condition. (Error 00)
  ※ Please must update firmware to prevent lens jammed problem at firmware v1.10.
Samsung NX-M 17mm F1.8 01.00 Show/Hide changelog 2021-12-07
NX-mini 17mm lens First Firmware
  1. Sue

    Hi Matt. Samsung has taken down the Firmware upgrade guide using i-Launcher. – Either that, or the link is erroeous. Many thanks for all your work.

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