Today I’d like to introduce a new service I developed the last days, the Samsung NX Firmware Update Notification Service. So what is it about? This server regularly (approx. every 8 hours) checks the web for new firmware information and in case a new firmware is found it sends a notification via e-mail. The mail contains the new firmware version, the change log and a download link. You can subscribe to this service and choose which cameras and lenses you are interested to get notifications for. The service is free of charge.

You can either register on the blog or simply subscribe with your e-mail address. If you’d like to change your subscription settings later I would recommend to register on the blog before subscribing to the notification service. If you have suggestions for this service or questions, just let me know.

This is an example mail you might get in case a new firmware was released:

there is a new firmware available.
Product: Samsung 60mm F2.8
New Version: 1.01
1. Title - Firmware version v1.01
2. Applicable Model - NX Lens 60mm
3. Corporate Customer - open market
4. Description
This is the latest LENS firmware.
To maximize improved firmware performance, body firmware should be the latest version.

[v1.01 improved items]
- Improved compatibility of the NX1 AF performace

Kind regards,
Matt Everglade
  1. koi

    I just got a lens of S16-50mmf2-2.8, but found that my firmware is still 1.00, may I ask if you have saved the latest firmware? If so, can you share it

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