This is my new blog about photography with Samsung NX. I am going to write about all stuff going on with Samsungs mirrorless camera system, lenses, accessories, rumours, photography in general etc. There is not much content yet, but I am working constantly on new articles, tests, images an so on. So keep this in mind. Any suggestions etc. are welcome. Just write me an email or comment in the blog. Enjoy…

  1. Phillip Reeve

    I want to see some pictures 😉

  2. Lennart

    Pictures or it (well Brazil) didn´t happen! 😉

  3. Pierre Tometschek

    Hello Matt.
    It´s a great idea to make a blog about Samsung NX.


  4. Oliver

    Great idea to start a website with NX in focus…. happy to see more coming

    Cheers, Oliver (aka Tjobbe)

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